Weekly Mixtape for January 20th, 2018


A Teachable Moment: These Are Life, Really Bad Funds “It’s impossible to view financial services as a respectable profession with this deliberately convoluted and manipulative system in place. The reason: it is confusing and non-transparent to charge people unnecessary fees.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Why You Should Be Working Less “If you’re constantly working you never have time to think and reflect. In a knowledge-based economy, we need that time to collect our thoughts and work through the decision-making process.” Note: I’m aware that I am sharing this post as I work on a Saturday afternoon–maybe I need to re-read?!?

Of Dollars And Data: Follow The Money “My point with all of these charts is that this trend following model has worked well historically, but it has done so with periods of underperformance.”

Fervent Finance: It Is Not A Priority “‘I haven’t had any time.’ That’s much easier to say than the truth. ‘Sorry I haven’t gotten to that lately, I’ve been really lazy.’ ‘Sorry I haven’t done that, I just didn’t think it was important.’ ‘Sorry, I just said I would do it so you would leave me alone.’ What are we really trying to say when we say we don’t have time for something. We really mean that it is not a priority to us at that time.” 

The Wall Street Journal: Hip Hop’s Generation Gap–“Emo” vs. “Dad” Rap “Dad” rap is way better!!

The New York Times: Beyond The Bitcoin Bubble

All About Your Benjamins: Long-Term Care Disaster

Week-In-Review Supplemental Reading:

The Wall Street Journal: Lawmakers Return To Capitol For Spending Talks

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Government Shuts Down, But Impact Likely To Be Muted

Thought this was fitting…

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