Weekly Mixtape For May 19th, 2018

Week In Review Articles:

The Wall Street Journal: Gambling Firms Race To Expand After Limits Are Lifted On Sports Betting

The Wall Street Journal: Small Caps Set New Highs, Outpacing Their Multinational Peers



The Reformed Broker: Three Uncelebrated Edges “But the advisor’s job is not to enter the clients’ accounts into a performance derby and race against all other possible allocations to finish first. It is to keep wealthy people wealthy, and to arrange their assets in such a manner that they have the highest probability of staying that way, no matter what happens in the future.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Youn Retirement Savers Scorned “Also remember that rules of thumb are imperfect. Nothing is written in stone. If your retirement portfolio doesn’t match up with the pretty pictures of people walking on a beach it’s not the end of the world.”

Of Dollars And Data: Great Things Take Time “Most of your life you gather firewood. It’s not useful by itself, but it has potential. You keep gathering. You keep storing away information, memories, thoughts, opinions. You do this until one day you get a spark of inspiration and decide to start a fire. Your fire starts small. A few people see it, but most ignore it. You keep throwing more logs on the fire and it burns brighter. Maybe more see it and take notice, but it’s still mostly unknown. You keep at it day by day, night by night until you have a roaring blaze. Then they can’t ignore you. Build your fire.”

The Reformed Broker: Endless Work And I Love It “There’s also a lot of academic evidence that says the more choices we present people with, the more likely they are to make poor decisions”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Thinking Outside The Box “They really think the markets are going to bail them out?! If they can’t get things in order during one of the greatest runs in stock market history, how are they going to survive when things aren’t going up year after year?”

Andres Garcia: Be Your Best Self: Know Your Values “One of the aspects that we frequently avoid assessing is how we earn and spend money”

The Wall Street Journal: Buyer Beware: Hundreds Of Bitcoin Wannabes Show Hallmarks Of Fraud “After claiming to raise $4.5 million, LoopX disappeared from the internet in early February. Its website is now down and its Twitter account features a single message linking to a news article alleging the founder or founders ran off with the money. “

Lawrence Hamtil: Uranium, Lottery Stocks, And The Transience Of Wealth “Finally, we must sometimes overcome the greedy part of our human nature, and be satisfied with what we have.  It is true that opportunity cost is a very real and important consideration in any investment decision, and the “fear of missing out” can be a compelling force in us acting against our better judgment.  Yet, in my experience, the humble investors, – those who acknowledge and appreciate risks as well as their ability to weather them, – are, in the long run, more successful than those who put themselves entirely at the mercy of the markets.”

Jason Zweig: When Your Investing Robot Has A Mind Of Its Own “In the short run, it’s a reminder that hiring a robo-adviser instead of a human adviser doesn’t mean you no longer need to pay attention.”

All About Your Benjamins: Diversify Those Crypto Gains


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