Podcast Appearances

Discussing my Barbell Approach to RLSWM Clients

I’m an avid listener of podcasts, so when I was asked to join Alan Moore (@R_Alan_Moore) on the XY Planning Network Podcast, I didn’t have to think twice. I had a lot of fun, and Alan is one hell of a hype man—thanks for the awesome intro, Alan!

I’m really excited about the direction RL Wealth Management is heading, and I am extremely appreciative for the opportunity to tell my story. In this podcast I discuss with Alan about how RLWM came to be, what I think is a unique approach to working with clients at both ends of the career spectrum (along with those in-between), where I want to see RLWM go, and more. While the XY Planning Network Podcast is recorded mainly for financial advisors, I’m excited for my clients to have a chance to revisit why I started the firm–to serve them better, and hopefully they are as excited about the future as I am.

If you’re a financial advisor and have any questions about how I’m managing the two service models, feel free to reach out. I’m an open book and happy to help more people receive the quality financial planning they need and deserve!

I hope you enjoy…I only listened to the first 5 minutes with my wife, and then quit listening–it’s weird to hear yourself talk. Below is the link to the podcast, which you can listen to on the website. Once the podcast hits iTunes, I’ll update this post to include a link.



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