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The Pursuit–The Tiny Onion With Chef Lauren Owens

Chef Lauren Owens, the official chef of FinTwit, joins me for a real life look at leaving a “safe” situation for one that brings more fulfillment, purpose, and happiness. In this episode, Lauren shares her journey to becoming a chef, then to branching out to become her own boss, to becoming the finance community’s favorite chef, and her pursuit to opening The Tiny Onion.

Following your passions and aligning your career and life with those passions is not always possible and it certainly is not easy. But, hearing from those who have successfully navigated those waters and are on their way to bigger and better can be inspiring, informative, and even entertaining. I will bring more guests on to share their journey, but today, let’s hear from Chef Lauren Owens…

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While Lauren promotes eating your veggies, and not so much ice cream, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sneak in a video from hip-hop’s chef 😉

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