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Breaking Down The Long Game: Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset

In a new series, my colleague, Thomas Kopelman, and I break down his latest blog post over on The Long Game–we’re calling it Breaking Down The Long Game. In this BDTHG, we’re discussing time holding the crown for our most valuable asset. As I’ve gotten older, my family has grown, and my business responsibilities have increased I can definitely confirm that time is an invaluable asset.

In his blog post, Thomas poses an interesting question, “Would you trade places with Warren Buffet?” You can have Warren’s riches, but also have to assume his age. Would you do it? My guess is you probably wouldn’t–what good is it to have his wealth if you can’t fully enjoy it or enjoy it for long?

I’ll take my current age and financial situation every time. I’ve got too much to accomplish and three boys I want to see grow up; the experiences along the way will provide all of the riches I could desire.

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The Long Game: Time–Your Most Valuable Asset

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