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Guest Appearance On Chit Chat Money Podcast

Last week I got the chance to join the fellas over at the Chit Chat Money Podcast. I was impressed by what these two young men have been able to build. Brett Schafer and Ryan Henderson are way ahead of their peers–not just in investing, but in the fact they have launched a blog and podcast while finishing up college.

During my time with them, we discussed starting my RIA, RLS Wealth Management, the current state of wealth management, helping clients in times like these, thematic investing, and a few random ending questions–which I thought were great!

You should check out the entire episode on their website, Chit Chat Money, or on Apple Podcasts–links to both are just below.

I want to thank Brett and Ryan for having me on their podcast, and yes, we are most certainly friends now. I’d love to join you again!

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Chit Chat Money

Apple Podcasts–Chit Chat Money Podcast

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