Financial Planning

Individualizing Financial Planning

While I talk to financial advisors in this video, the content applies to everyone. I might be asking advisors to share their stories of creating financial plans unique to their clients’ goals, but if you’re not a financial advisor you can also look at your financial plan–is it unique to your goals and values? If not, have you shared those goals (think beyond retirement) with your financial advisor?

Let’s continue to move the profession forward, shed light on what real financial planning looks like, and let everyone know it’s being done. And if you find yourself in a situation, as a client, that it’s not being done for you, it may be time to re-evaluate your current planning relationship.

I mention my friend, Jeremy Walter in this video and here is his blog post I reference–it was yesterday’s Rundown topic as well.

Calibrating Capital: Today Vs. Tomorrowland

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