Financial Planning

My Guest Appearance On Talk Your Book At Ritholtz Wealth Management

Last month I took a quick overnight trip to NYC to meet with a number of other financial advisors I respect, friends in the business, and go to dinner with a mentor. It was a quick, but memorable trip; I learned some new things from my friends, made a few new connections, and received a lot of needed wisdom and guidance at dinner.

One of the most memorable moments of the trip was being asked to record an episode of Talk Your Book with Josh Brown; my pals Douglas Boneparth and Tyrone Ross Jr. dropped by the Ritholtz Wealth Management global headquarters to say hello and ended up sitting down with Josh to discuss our approaches to financial planning, running our businesses and using content to help educate while growing our businesses. It was a blast and Josh had some very nice things to say about us…leaving some big shoes for us to fill.

I think we’re capable!

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