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The Advisor Growth Community™ Is Official!

Midway through yesterday’s Zoom meeting I checked the participant count and I saw 54—that’s right, 54 participants; this number included AGC™ beta members, AGC™ Ambassadors, AGC™ teammates (shoutout to Darlene and Karen), and of course, Taylor and me. With 54 members joining the meeting, this meant there were only a few advisors who were not able to make the meeting (they’ll get to catch it on the replay beginning today).  We had nearly a 100% participation rate on our first webinar, and excuse me if I sound a little excited, but I am amped up about the start to the Advisor Growth Community™.  I fully expect future webinars will have high participation rates as well—between the live webinars and video replays, I expect to see participation rates close to 100%.

Why am I so excited?

First, the advisors who trusted the vision for the AGC™ and were willing to invest their dollars in the opportunity to collaborate with other advisors, learn from each other, and have the opportunity to hear from the best speakers available are PHENOMENAL! We have financial advisors from all walks of life…CFP®s, CFA®s, no designations, RIAs, hybrids, wirehouses, firm owners, support advisors, 10+ years, less than a year in the business, and more. Inside the confines of the Advisor Growth Community, ™ ideas are already being shared, friendships are being formed, advisors are being vulnerable asking for tough advice, and conversations about how to make this community last are already happening—AND YESTERDAY WAS THE FIRST OFFICIAL DAY!!

It’s very important that the Advisor Growth Community™ is an inclusive environment—we’ve definitely accomplished that with our beta group when it comes to business models, but if I’m being honest, we have some work to do it comes to the community representing the future of the profession, which is not just white men. While we have diversity amongst our members, it can always be better and it is on the beta group to create an environment where any financial advisor feels welcome, which I’m confident we will do.

JUST TO BE CLEAR…if you are a financial advisor looking to collaborate with advisors, become a better advisor and person, and have a sense of community then the Advisor Growth Community™ welcomes you with open arms.

Secondly, as I look at the content schedule for the remainder of the year I cannot wait to hear from some of our guest speakers and community members who will be sharing their expertise with the AGC™ as they lead webinars; just to give you a taste of who we have joining us for private webinars–Khe Hy of Rad Reads, Dani Fava of TD Ameritrade, Rory Sutherland, author of Alchemy, and two other unbelievable speakers we are keeping under wraps for now…don’t worry, as soon as we announce them to the community we’ll share with you to add to the FOMO!

Finally, at least for this post, I’m excited because of a comment made in closing by Scott Frank. To summarize, Scott encouraged the group to share more than they take from the community. Collaboration is going to be the key to success for the Advisor Growth Community™ and if this community is going to grow into what I believe it will be, it’s going to be the responsibility of this beta group to make it happen–and from what I’ve seen so far, the AGC™ is in good hands.

If I’ve piqued your interest in the Advisor Growth Community™, head on over to and sign up for the email updates to stay up to date and be ready for the January 2020 enrollment.

Now, I’m off to talk at the Riskalyze Fearless Investing Summit about the AGC™…you kidding me with this stage?!?

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