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All About Your Benjamins First Video Blog: The DOL’ s Fiduciary Ruling

This is the first of many video blogs (not sure I can bring myself to use the term “vlog”) to come. Producing a short video is much harder than I expected; mainly, because I don’t know how to edit yet, so I’ve got to try to nail it in one take. Overall, I’m happy with the first video, and I’m looking forward to doing this more often. Bear with me as I master this process.

Today, I am addressing the recent Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Ruling. Enjoy the video, and take a few minutes to read the accompanying articles I’ve linked to below.

The New York Times: “Customers First” to Become the Law in Retirement Investing

Financial Planning: DOL Amends Final Fiduciary Rule in Bid to Ease Industry Concerns

Investment News: DOL Set to Unveil “Streamlined” Fiduciary Rule

Department of Labor Chart Illustrating Changes of DOL’s 2015 Proposal to Final

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