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ESG Investing in the News

As I’ve been on my quest to learn everything I can about ESG investing, I’ve come across a lot of great information and writing. I thought I’d share some of them for those interested. If that’s not you, don’t worry, I’ll be back with another post later this week.


Investment & Pensions Europe: Special Report- Investing for Impact (This takes you to the first page of a report; make sure to click through the links to see the full report.)

Portland Business Journal: Hipsters of Portland Inspire New Investment Fund (Congrats to my friend Joe Fishman–I credit meeting him and following him on Twitter for sparking my interest in ESG investing.)

Insight360 Blog: 2017 is the Year of ESG as These Five Trends Come of Age

Investment News: 5 Investment Trends Behind Growth in Sustainable and Impact Investing

Collaborative Fund: Aligning Interests is the Most Important Investment Trend

Financial Advisor Magazine: As Trump Rolls Back Regulations, ESG Investing is Poised to Soar

Investment & Pensions Europe: ESG Factors Can Indicate Overall Stock Risk, says AQR

Forbes: ESG Reporting Reshapes Global Markets

That should be enough for now!

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