Weekly Mixtape For February 9th, 2020

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: U.S. Stocks Fall, But Post Big Weekly Gains

The WSJ: U.S. Economy Added 225,000 Jobs in January

The WSJ: China to Cut Tariffs on $75 Billion of U.S. Goods

The WSJ: Trump Touts Economy, Ignores Impeachment in State of the Union Speech

The WSJ: Brexit Is Done: The U.K. Has Left the European Union

Weekly Mixtape

Humble Dollar: Nobody Told Me “But if you regularly take the right steps—work hard, save part of every paycheck, resist the siren song of get-rich-quick schemes—good things should happen. It isn’t guaranteed. But it’s highly likely. So, for goodness sake, fret less about the distant future, and focus more on doing the right things each and every day.”

Of Dollars And Data: The Biggest Lie In Personal Finance “Actually, the only “secret” that I know to get rich is to grow your income and invest in income-producing assets.  Of course, that is far easier said than done. The best way to grow your income is to increase your human capital and keep increasing it.  Full stop. “

Ashby Daniels: Now Noever Feels Like The Right Time To Invest ” And I’m not prognosticating what’s going to happen next, but to make a point that we cannot always equate the outcome of a decision to the quality of a decision. Sometimes, those two things diverge from one another – it’s the nature of life. The key is to make the best decision we can based on the information at hand.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Is The Financial Media Too Negative? “The pendulum in the markets swings from overly optimistic to overly pessimistic depending on the cycle but the sentiment from investors and the media can be thrown off by a huge event such as the Great Recession.’

Humble Dollar: Trading Time “You’ve heard the cliché that, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Too often, we—and that includes me—persevere in doing things that make us unhappy today, so later we can do things that make us happy. But perhaps you could avoid the unhappiness by redistributing your retirement years by, say, switching careers, or employers, or your current role at the office.”

The Belle Curve: What Does Coronavirus Mean For Investors? ” Fear of the unknown is embedded in our DNA, and our initial reaction is panic and flight. This reaction served us well for millions of years, but it is counterproductive to long-term investing.”

Abnormal Returns: Nobody Wants Your Sh*t “The ironic thing is that many so-called downsizers feel relieved and unburdened when the process is over. There is a reason why we feel liberated when we check into a hotel room: no responsibilities, someone to clean up after you”

Per Diem: Tax Strategies You’ve Never Heard Of

Living With Money: The Ghost Of Your Financial Past “The only things we can control are the decisions that we have to make moving FORWARD.  We can’t let our mistakes in the past influence more bad decisions in the future.”

Jason Zweig: Bond Funds Are Hotter Than Tesla “Much of the influx into bonds has come from individual investors. But that doesn’t make them the “dumb money,” especially because many giant institutions are investing just as avidly.The move into bonds by individual investors is a long-term migration, not a stampede. It’s prudence, not folly.”

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