Weekly Mixtape For March 2nd, 2019

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: U.S Economy Grew At 2.6% In The Fourth Quarter

The WSJ: U.S., North Korea Trade Blame For Failed Summit

The WSJ: Jerome Powell Affirms Fed’s Patient Approach To Interest-Rate Changes

The WSJ: Personal Income Cooled In January

The WSJ: China Shares Gain Global Sway Thanks To Index Firm’s Move

The WSJ: Lyft’s IPO Could Start A Record Year For New Tech Listings

The WSJ: Tesla Shifts To Online Sales Model

All About Your Benjamins The Podcast: Perth Tolle and The Life + Liberty Index


Morgan Housel: Not Caring-A Unique And Powerful Skill “But if you can remain dispassionate about what people think of you while you’re trying to get that outcome, or about the noise around you during the process, you have an advantage that I doubt one in a hundred thousand has in this industry.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Why Are People Miserable At Work “But if you don’t have something outside the office to balance out your life, no amount of money or career accomplishments are going to make you happy.”

The Belle Curve: Substance “The future of financial advice has to be a profession. Professionals go deep. They spend years getting their education, followed by a period of apprenticeship under a more experienced professional. They pursue lifelong learning in their craft. They possess the humility to admit they cannot know it all and the courage to change course or even start over when the way they have always done things no longer works.

Khe Hy: How To Build Durable And Long-Lasting Atomic Habits “The case for habit formation is a compelling one. Internalizing and automating these tiny (hence, Atomic) behaviors – sets our lives up for improved health, finances, and career growth. And better versions of ourselves. Clear qualifies these habits as Atomic Habits, because despite their tiny size, compounding them over long periods can have exponential impacts.”

Douglas Boneparth: A Letter To My Friends “Therefore, no matter how delicate the approach, it’s an uphill battle when trying to share my profession without also sounding like I am soliciting my services”

The Irrelevant Investor: Regret-Adjusted Returns “The U.S. has been crushing for a long time now, but as the chart shows, this is not always the case. Timing these regimes is not a worthwhile endeavor and will only lead to regret, which is the most poisonous feeling in the spectrum of investor emotions.”

Ramp Capital: Put Down Your F*cking Phone “Sometimes we forget to live in the moment. Right now we are just a bunch of zombies stumbling into each other. Put down your phone for a while. Strike up a conversation with a stranger next time you are waiting in line. Enjoy life.”

The New York Times: Do Not Disturb-How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain

The WSJ: How 5G Will Change So Much More Than Your Phone

The WSJ: Your Avocados and Olives Are Pricier Because Fat Is In Fashion

All About Your Benjamins: Talkin’ Shop With Nina O’Neal And Contenting The Talk On Inclusion And Diversity In Financial Services 

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