Talkin' Shop

Talkin’ Shop: Nina O’Neal And Continuing The Talk On Inclusion In Financial Services

Much like my video with Tyrone Ross Jr., the most recent episode of Talkin’ Shop has been positively received. In this episode, my good friend, Nina O’Neal, joins me to discuss her experience as a financial advisor and the struggles she has had to overcome in the profession. As we discuss, even those of us who try to be inclusive with our actions, still through our words can unintentionally discourage others from joining the profession or feeling as if they are deserving of financial advice–see if you can identify which part of the conversation I’m referencing.

I hope this video, the second in the series, continues the conversations that started with the first video and helps open more eyes to the barriers we don’t see because we don’t know they exist–many of us have never experienced them. Not only does Nina help identify some of the most glaring issues, but she also provides some solutions; too often problems are identified, but solutions are not given. Not this time!

I want to thank Nina again for being willing to join me in this conversation!

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