Weekly Mixtape November 3rd, 2019

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Fed Cuts Rate for Third Time This Year, Signals Pause

The WSJ: U.S. Growth Settles in at Low Gear in Third Quarter

The WSJ: Job Gains Help Extend U.S. Economic Growth

The WSJ: Better-Than-Expected Earnings Ease Growth Fears—for Now

The WSJ: NCAA Clears Way for Athletes to Earn Endorsement Money

The WSJ: Washington Nationals Win the World Series

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: The Spectrum Of Wealth “There is no objective level of wealth, because people compare themselves to other people’s money while adjusting to their own. It’s always been that way and will always be that way.”

Your Brain On Stocks: There Are No Bear Market Vaccines “But predicting the next bear market is as difficult as predicting next year’s dominant flu strains. Bear markets are as dynamic as the flu virus – constantly mutating over time.”

Calibrating Capital: Safeguarding Against Confirmation Bias In The Information Age “And in this information age, it doesn’t take much effort to come across support for these beliefs. Which is why I believe it’s so important to spend time evaluating what the confirmation biases are, and making sure we understand the other side of the conviction along with those who hold them.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Useless Career Advice So don’t buy a house or stay at a soul-sucking job just because you think you have to when you’re young. Take some risks. Move to a different city. Take a flier on a job that doesn’t pay as well but gives you more experience or makes you happier on a daily basis.”

Retirement Field Guide: Retirement Income In Bull Markets, Bear Markets & Flat Markets “I don’t come across too many retirees looking for the portfolio that will provide the highest possible return as they are generally more interested in a portfolio that will get them through retirement with the fewest bumps possible. In other words, the “’best-worst-case scenario.’”

Tyrone Ross: Stand In It “Stand in who you are. At all times. In all situations. The world is barren of our realness. Dying for those of us who are sheep to raise our hands in a room full of wolves. Thirsty for the story of our successes, our failures, and our love of self.”

Douglas Boneparth: Ok Boomer “While the leaders and participants of that movement are still fighting for change, they together moved the needle on what then seemed like an impossible undertaking, whether it be gun control, climate change or financial inequality. It speaks volumes to what we’re capable of achieving when we’re willing to cooperate and find our common ground. It reminds us that our future, for better or worse, depends on what we can do for each other, not what label we call each other.”

The Irrelevant Investor: The Most Bullish Signal In The World “At all-time highs you remember the dot-com bubble. At all-time highs you remember the great financial crisis. At all-time highs you remember how quickly these gains can evaporate.’

Jason Zweig: Sometimes The Stock Market Needs ‘Knights Of Faith’ “Those whom Kierkegaard called “the knights of faith,” who can hold on against all hope, will prevail in the end. Those who are naive about how quickly they can recover past losses are likely to give up in despair too soon.”

Khe Hy: Does the Perfect Job Exist? “So here’s what I’d tell this young man. Identify what you think work could, should and can’t deliver. “

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