Today in History…

March 9th will always be a day I remember for two reasons, separated by twelve years, and totally unrelated: one in 2009 and one in 1997.

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Fiduciary. If you are not familiar with this term–you should be, and you soon will be thanks to the Department of Labor. Currently, the DOL is proposing a new standard for financial advisors. If the bill passes, advisors working with clients on retirement accounts (IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.) will be held to a higher standard of being a fiduciary; the “Fiduciary…

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Less People On The Couch

Jobs Friday is here…it’s the first Friday of the month, and that means the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) releases information on the health of the US Labor Market. Today we learn how many non-farm payrolls (aka jobs) were added in February, along with any change in the unemployment rate. We’ll also get revisions to previous months’ reports. The fact…

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Financial Planning

Did You Know IRA —–> HSA?

Did you know you are allowed a onetime tax-free transfer from an IRA to your Health Savings Account (HSA)? Well, you are–you’re welcome! Don’t close down your browser in a mad dash to transfer funds from your IRA to your HSA; there is plenty to evaluate to determine if this type of transfer is appropriate for you. I recommend sitting…

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Technical Analysis 101: Downtrends

Although we have recently experienced some positive days in the stock market, we continue to remain in a downtrend, which began last summer. I’ve had a few clients ask about this downtrend, so I thought I would write about what a downtrend is, and how to identify if we are in one.


3, 2, 1…go!

The CrossFit Open is upon us! For CrossFit junkies, today is the day we’ve been anticipating for almost a year. For non-CrossFitters, today is just another day…February 25th, 2016.  But for CrossFitters, it’s the start of an opportunity to see our improvements over the last year of workouts, along with the weaknesses we need to improve upon. If you’re not…

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The Weekly Mix (2/14/2016-2/20/16)

I’ve always enjoyed creating mix tapes…I have books, and now my iTunes, filled with my personal mixes.  In the spirit of my DJ alter-ego, I’ll be putting out a weekly mix of my favorite article and posts…think of it as a reader’s mix tape. 2/14/2016-2/20/2016