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Talkin’ Shop: Joe Kolb, CFP® And Our Most Influential Books

Joe Kolb is one of the nicest financial advisors I have met–he’s incredibly caring with his clients, a great friend, and one of the most selfless people I know (very close to my father). This is the second time he has driven to Fishers after visiting clients in St. Louis to visit and talk about our businesses. He was actually my first guest on Talkin’ Shop, so naturally, we had to record a new episode. Bonus for this episode was having Silas join us in the office–you’ll have to excuse some of the background noise he creates.

Be sure to check this episode out to get an update on the great year Joe has had, both personally and professionally, and to hear our take on the conversation our friends Josh Brown and Michael Batnick had last week (you can see their convo here); they discussed books that were impactful to their career and we share the ones that impacted ours–I’ve linked to them all below. Shoutout to JB and MB for the inspiration for the video!


Nancy Langdon Jones: So You Want To Be A Financial Planner

Mitch Anthony: Storyselling For Financial Advisors

Nick Murray: Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth

Wickford Wealth Management

Twitter: @josephekolb

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