The Pursuit

The Pursuit–Introducing Harmony Wealth With Matt Fizell

In this special episode, I get to help a friend launch his new Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), which is a huge honor. Allow me to introduce you to Matt Fizell, founder of Harmony Wealth. Matt is a great friend of mine, a fellow member of The AGC™, a top-notch financial advisor, and an overall great human being.

I asked him to join me for a special episode of The Pursuit to discuss how starting his own company aligned with his vision and allowed him to continue down the path of his own Pursuit. We may be talking about launching a financial planning firm but Matt’s experience translates to all entrepreneurs and dreamers.

As of today, July 2nd, the audio version of the podcast is not ready–full disclosure I haven’t had the chance to record my introductory segment but I will this weekend. So, be sure to check back next Tuesday for the audio version of this episode. For now, check out the video–you’re only missing my ramblings, so you’ll probably be just fine.

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