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Talkin’ Shop: Ashby Daniels, CFP® And Common Retirement Mistakes

My friend Ashby Daniels, CFP® is one of the most knowledgeable advisors I know when it comes to retirement planning. Ashby is a financial advisor in Pittsburgh and writes the blog, Retirement Field Guide. If I have any questions regarding a retirement strategy I’m considering, Ashby is who I call to make sure I’m not overlooking anything important.

Ashby is located in Pittsburgh and with me in Fishers, Indiana we usually chat via phone, Slack, or Zoom conferencing software. But, this week we decided to meet in Columbus, Ohio…almost halfway for each of us…to talk shop, both on camera and off. In this episode of Talkin’ Shop, I ask Ashby to share a retirement planning mistake he sees too often; I share one as well.

If you’re nearing retirement, or know someone who is getting close, be sure to check or share this video, and if you’re interested in re-evaluating your current plan, or if you don’t even have a plan, feel free to reach out to Ashby or me.

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