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Talkin’ Shop: Rockie Zeigler, CFP® And Common, But Not So Common, Planning Mistakes

In this post-workout episode of Talkin’ Shop, Rockie Zeigler, CFP® and I continue our conversation from the previous episode with Isaiah Douglass, CFP®. I asked Rockie to share a little more about his firm, the type of clients he typically works with, and some of the common planning mistakes he sees.

This episode is called “Common, but not so common, planning mistakes” because the planning issues Rockie describes are common to him, but may not be for all advisors and clients. This shows the beauty of the industry as more advisors break out on their own to serve their clients and become experts in the nuances of their financial lives.

If you’re an advisor and will be passing through the Indianapolis area, hit me up on Twitter and I’d love to have you swing by for another episode of Talkin’ Shop…you might want to be prepared to grab a workout as well!

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