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Talkin’ Shop: Isaiah Douglass, CFP® and Rockie Zeigler, CFP®

The Registered Investment Adviser is the fastest growing model within the financial planning community; financial advisors are breaking away from traditional investment firms to provide financial planning to more people by using different business models, and I had a couple of friends join me today to talk about their firms.

Rockie Zeigler, CFP® is the founder of a newly launched RIA, RP Zeigler Investment Services, and Isaiah Douglass, CFP® is the founder of a slightly older, but still new, RIA ID Financial Planning and Wealth Management; they both joined me today to share the “why” behind their firms, how they are growing and helping more people, and what they are most excited for in the new year.

I always enjoy learning what other advisors are doing with their clients and “borrowing” what I can from them to improve what RLS Wealth Management is doing for our clients. Today’s conversation, both on and off camera, was great!

If you’re an advisor and will be passing through the Indianapolis area, hit me up on Twitter and I’d love to have you swing by for another episode of Talkin’ Shop…you might want to be prepared to grab a workout as well!

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RP Zeigler Investment Services

28 Things: Life Lessons From A Guy Who’s Nearly Over The Hill by Rockie Zeigler

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ID Financial Planning and Wealth Management

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