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Talkin’ Shop: Ryan Kirlin And ETFs

I love when friends from out of town drop in, and I love it, even more, when we can squeeze in a workout. Ryan Kirlin from Alpha Architect happened to be in Indy for the day and was kind enough to stop by RLS Wealth Management headquarters to visit for a bit, talk about the current state of ETFs, and reminisce on September’s March For The Fallen. We then took Talkin’ Shop on the road and recorded at my CrossFit gym after we completed the day’s workout.

Ryan and the folks at Alpha Architect live and breathe research and ETFs, so he was the perfect person to have a conversation about ETFs, their advantages, and how they operate. For most financial professionals, ETFs are investment vehicles we have become pretty comfortable with, but for some investors, ETFs may still be a newer investment vehicle. We were able to cover a lot of ground in this episode, along with having a little fun along the way.

If you’re an advisor and will be passing through the Indianapolis area, hit me up on Twitter and I’d love to have you swing by for another episode of Talkin’ Shop!

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