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Talkin’ Shop With Ashby Daniels, CFP®: Medicare Mistakes To Avoid

I had the opportunity to visit Pittsburgh this week to speak at their local FPA meeting, which meant I got to spend some time with my friend Ashby Daniels, CFP®. 

Over the last year Ashby has become a very close friend and someone I enjoy getting to talk with on a regular basis–and you better believe any time I get the chance, I’m going to record an episode of Talkin’ Shop, and it is highly likely we will be discussing something related to retirement planning.

In this episode, Ashby and I expand upon a recent blog post of his about a major mistake with Medicare retirees need to be aware of and avoid. Ashby is a financial advisor in Pittsburgh and writes the blog, Retirement Field Guide. Be sure to give Ashby a follow and subscribe!

I do need to correct one thing from this video…I mentioned Ashby was the first returning guest on Talkin’ Shop, but it was actually Isaiah Douglass, CFP® (here and here) and Tyrone Ross Jr. (here and here).  My apologies to Tyrone and Isaiah!

The Retirement Field Guide: How To Avoid The Lifelong Medicare Penalty

The Retirement Field Guide

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