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George Kinder: Life Planning And A Golden Civilization

George Kinder is the father of the Life Planning movement, a unique approach to financial planning, and author of one of my favorite planning books, The Seven Stages Of Money Maturity; he also recently released another book that expands on the life planning concept called A Golden Civilization And The Map Of Mindfulness, which we discuss later in our conversation.…

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The Rundown

The Rundown: George Kinder’s Three Questions

George Kinder is the father of life planning and more in-depth and intentional financial planning process; I had the privilege to talk with George for an episode that will be on the podcast next week, but I couldn’t wait to share the three questions that he teaches in his book The Seven Stages Of Money Maturity. Give today’s Rundown a…

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The Pursuit


It’s been a few years now, actually probably closer to five, since I started talking about aligning values and dollars–I didn’t coin the phrase. My friend Scott Frank first introduced me to the concept and then turned me on to George Kinder and life planning. I immediately identified with the concept of life planning and trying to help clients identify…

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Financial Planning


“Personal Finance Is More Personal Than Finance” – Tim Maurer A couple of weeks ago Morgan Housel joined The AGC™ for one of our weekly webinars. During the conversation, he shared what he called his “worst financial decision, yet his best money decision”.  The short version of this decision is he and his wife aggressively paid off their mortgage. You…

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Bigger Picture

The Great Reset

A couple of weeks ago in my newsletter for financial advisors I wrote about our current situation being “The Great Reset”—I know I’m not the first person to use this phrase, although I don’t remember seeing it anywhere before it hit me. In the newsletter I explained how this slow down in life, despite the inconvenience and frustration it might…

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